Financial mindset shift as a parent with Beaula M Kruger


Financial mindset shift with @beaula_kruger

When parenthood happens, it comes with responsibility and these responsibilities include financial discipline.

Explaining from a parental perspective, Beaula M Kruger, who's currently a Political and Economic Researcher by profession, said the birth of a new child encourages a mindset shift. For her, this mindset shift was more about DIY, managing one's money and exploring more opportunities for both herself and her little one.

The aftermath of becoming a mother sparked my interest to take control over our investments, which led to researching, purchasing investment books, listening to podcasts etc." she added. Beaula is also an executive member of a stokvel called Rifumo Social Savings. The stokvel is founded by a group of young professionals and has a sole mandate to acquire assets and invest in different companies.

For her and her child, investing has become a part of their way to manage their finances. Beaula also added that she has a rule she uses through their Capitec Widget a day before payday. Explaining the rule, she said: "I clear my bank account (to make room for new money 😊). So, with the Capitec Widget, I effortlessly fund my account via the Capitec app which is linked to my EE account. My son also banks with Capitec and is an active investor through EasyEquities (can you believe his portfolio is outperforming mine?)."

Taking advantage of opportunities within the EasyEquities platform is how Beaula finds ways to diversify her investment portfolio easily. "I have invested in Equities, ETFs, Unit trust, BBBEE shares, and the AUD on the Easy Equities platform." She added


Some of the companies she has invested in include: Renergen Purple Group and Kumba Iron Ore Ltd:

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Renergen Limited: This explorer is a dual-listed company on the JSE and ASX and is an alternative and renewable energy business which has invested in energy projects across the African continent and emerging markets. When I started to look into resource-based companies, Renergen's Virginia Gas Project sparked my interest in the company. The company is making considerable efforts to become a global producer, strategically positioning South Africa, which is a sign of them being future-orientated and participating in the global community.

Purple Group Limited: This company managed to democratize investment in South Africa and stands out from its competitors. Not only does the company promote DIY, but it also provides a research platform for beginners. The company is very client-orientated, and I appreciate a company that constantly consults with its clients when developing products and services. PPE provides investors access to the United States and Australian markets at an affordable price. We've invested in this company for the long-term.

Kumba Iron Ore Ltd: This miner is the fourth largest iron ore producer globally and the biggest on the African continent. The mine is situated in my home province, Northern Cape, and their port operations are in Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape. The company has incorporated "Future Smart Mining" into their broader strategy, including concentrating on the water-less mine, the modern mine, and the intelligent mine.

For someone who isn’t much of a risk-taker, "I’d say look into the Satrix Divi Plus ETF", she said.

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Beaula considers going through fundamental analysis before investing in companies. This includes financial reports, checking the debt, assets, future prospects, and company leadership; further adding that when investing, one should invest in the company and not share price.

EasyProperties is also one of her favourite platforms, where she says she has invested in over 12 properties to date. In addition, my son and I both hold alternative investments from impact farming to solar panels."

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While social media may provide information, it shouldn't always be taken as a reliable source, and when it comes to investing, Beaula also said: "Remember, your investment and risk appetite should be aligned with your personal goals. Ignore FOMO, develop a budget and investment plan and commit to it. In addition, if you don't trust yourself, set-up a recurring debit order for your investments."

"Start with R50 and increase it over time as your income increases; remember every R 1.00 counts. Don't get discouraged if you are deep in debt, and I believe one can pay off debt and invest - find that balance."

"It is never too late to start investing, so start today via EasyEquities platform"