EasyEquities says Thank You with R1million

Consistency and Commitment πŸ’ͺ

The EasyEquities community is now over 1,5 million people strong!✊ A phenomenal achievement as people from all across South Africa are investing. Some a few rands a month, others millions. Each one of you is valued and appreciated.

To say thank you to all of you for joining the EasyEquities platform, we'll do random draws throughout the month. We'll be giving away:

  • 10 x R1000 vouchers
  • 10 x R10 000 vouchers
  • 1 x R100 000 voucher


What do you have to do?😊

Nothing, simply by being a funded member of EasyEquities means you qualify. And since you are already part of the Easy community, you already qualify.

We'll do live draws and share the winners on our socials during the month – so follow us if you don't already. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This is our THANK YOU to YOU! The draws will be done randomly throughout the month – sometimes more than once a day – so stay tuned 😎

In the spirit of gratitude and paying it forward, EasyEquities is also doing a MASSIVE draw on the 30th of June. Someone in our community – and it could be YOU – will win:

  • R100 000 in your EasyProperties wallet
  • R100 000 in your EasyCrypto wallet
  • R100 000 in your EasyZAR wallet
  • R100 000 in your EasyUSD wallet

YES – R400 000 FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND RAND can be yours.
Already have a plan worked out for it? πŸ‘€

All you need to do to be eligible for this draw is to refer ONE person successfully. Yep, you read that right – ONE person!

Learn How To Refer

We think it is like Paying it Forward – we all benefit from investing and EasyEquities want others to benefit too, so by referring a minimum of ONE person in the month of June, who completes registration and gets FICA verified (which costs you nothing) you go into the draw on the 30th of June.

If you don't know how to refer, check out this quick link. Not only do YOU get EasyMoney to use against your investment costs, but the person you refer also gets R50, paid for by us. Win-win-WIN!πŸ€‘

It is SO Easy to refer and it costs you nothing. But it could change someone's life if you help them join the community.

Checkout The So Easy Song By Siki Jo-An

To spice things up for those who continue to refer during the month of June, the three EasyVSTRs with the most referrals by the end of the month get to walk away with some insane EasyEquities vouchers. First place(most referrals): R100 000, second prize: R50 000 and third prize: R25 000πŸ† These prizes will be paid into your EasyEquities account and locked for three years.


T's and C's

1.To be eligible for the 10 x R1000, 10 x R10 000 and 1 x R100 000 prizes, you need to be a funded EasyEquities client on 1 June 2022.

2.To be eligible for the referral draw, the referred party must be fully registered and have completed their KYC process.

3. All funds will be deposited into winners’ EasyEquities accounts and may not be withdrawn for a period of three years from date of allocation.

4. Prizes are not transferrable.

5. If a client does not have the relevant EasyEquities wallet activated, that money will be forfeited. To activate accounts click here.


Thank you!

Carel Nolte | EasyEquities' Chief Of Marketing

Carel Portrait