Get to know Great TFSA Race winner Amber Watkins


Amber Watkins took the award for Biggest Saver in the Great TFSA Race – an initiative by Intellidex sponsored by EasyEquities. Amber achieved success by doing two simple things: she saved the maximum amount possible as early as possible and put her money into strongly performing investments. Get to know this savvy saver a little better:

Where do you work?

I’m retired

List your top five passions/hobbies:

Baking, Crafting, Reading, Traveling and Walking

What music gets you to your happy place?

Cat Stevens and Zorba the Greek

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Too long ago to remember!

Why is saving important?

We don't know what tomorrow brings...

Richard Branson walks up to you and says you can have 10 million rand to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?

I like the idea of a coffee shop, but I do know you have to sell a lot of cups of coffee ;-)

Your house is burning down and you can only save 1 item. What is it and why did you pick it?

My handbag, it contains my whole world... Is there time to grab the photo albums?

Have you always been a smart saver?

No - only after I wasted a ton of money on things I didn't need...

Was there anyone who mentored you or inspired you along the way?

Simon Brown from ‘Just One Lap’

Any causes you are passionate about?

Kiva microloans

If you could take anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be and why?

My hubby...

If you were given a free holiday, where would it be?

Madagascar, to see the lemurs, birds and buy vanilla.