Inclusion in surfing with EasyVSTRs


inclusion in sports with EasyVSTRs 

Along the journey to make a difference while growing one's wealth, EasyVSTRs reach out to Amandla Foundation, an organization striving for inclusivity and access for all, from a social perspective in surfing and water sports.

The foundation was established in 2019. Motivated by the gap in diversification within the African and South African surfing /water sports industry. The organization aims to create an environment where surfing as a sport is accessible to all. While there may be other organizations that provide training programs for young people coming from disadvantaged areas, this organization noted that the majority of the programs only offer support during the foundation phase but stop once they reach the age of 18.

According to Amandla Foundation, "This was especially tragic for young surfers who through the development process had enjoyed promising competitive careers in the Junior System and now wanted to further their surfing careers."

"For these surfers from very poor, often difficult, backgrounds with little financial or family support, the dream of competing on the World Tour was a pipe dream."

The organization will be assisting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds beyond just financing because "Simply supporting them financially was not enough. So a multi-faceted plan was put in place for Amandla." This will include an outreach to young people living in disadvantaged areas, nurturing, training and mentoring throughout their journey.

Amandla foundation is currently supporting Joshe Faulkner through his surfing career. Joshe is a South African surfer with a proven track record in the sport who qualified for the WSL Challenger series, a series with various events in different countries across the globe, and is a member international Billabong Adventure division team.

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