Investing in American stocks you use every day


Take stock of your daily routine. You may find that on an average day you interact with more American brands than brands from any other country outside of South Africa. The US has put a number of companies on a global stage and now you can even invest in them, from your home country and in Rands. You probably already know where I’m going with this: if American brands are ever-present in your life, it might be worth considering investing in them.

Sure, local is lekker and I have my own SA portfolio that I add to regularly. But what I think is dope is how US markets behave, even in the short term. For instance, the markets have seen Ferrari’s share price RACE (heh!) to a 40% profit since October 2018. After investing in a few US stocks since their collective launch on EasyEquities in 2017, I’ve seen my demo portfolio make just over 24% in profits despite making uncalculated and arbitrary investments. 

My strategy was to start by investing in brands that exist in my life and in the interests I have.

I thought about the products I would encounter when I wake up to get ready for the day.
Shower time and sanitary products? Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, and Procter and Gamble are on the stock exchange. Breakfast, brunch, and lunch? Kelloggs, Coca-Cola (Coke > Pepsi anyday), and even Mondelez for the sweets you snack on when tethered to your desk, or in class/lectures.

What about on weekends when sports season is in full swing? Manchester United, Sony, Uber, and Visa may make regular appearances. Or on lazy days in when you feel like exploring new worlds, there’s Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and Disney to keep you company. As well as a whole host of cannabis-related companies that may pique your interest (as an investor!).

The possibilities are endless!
Whether you’re a sports buff, an introverted social media hog, or a fashionista with an American Express card at your disposal, many of the companies and brands you come across everyday can be found on the stock exchange.

Perhaps you’re not like me, and prefer not investing in brands you see every day. You might be more discerning about your investment experience, and want to take a more analytical approach to the American markets. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of trusted market analysts and external resources to provide our community with insights on What’s the Beef on Wall Street. 

While some of our more popular notes have been on bigger brands like Uber, Monster, and Apple, nerds like me would be just as interested in less glamorous companies like, BHP Billiton, Cronos, Baidu Inc, among others.

We consume and engage with mega-brands everyday, so why not make money from these dominant forces playing in our economy. Forget about the prestige and hype of being able to brag about the dollar assets you got (although I can be found at Taboo trying to impress promo girls this way). It's all about changing your perspective from consumer, to owner. That shift in mentality could be the difference in wealth and surviving in your own financial journey. What ever your approach may be, the markets await. 


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