Investing in shares goes a long way with Anastasia Mcilhargey


Investing in shares is just one of the ways to grow your wealth, as well as a way to secure and protect your future buying power, says EasyVSTR Anastasia Mcilhargey But importantly she adds, "Keep going and keep learning.”

Anastasia Mcilhargey is a 30-year-old EasyVSTR making strides in her investment journey while assisting new and young investors in getting started; her investment journey started at 26, and she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 🔥

To understand the story behind her investing motivation, Anastasia says: "I've always known a salary alone won't provide me stable financial security. We are one paycheque away from poverty, and that frightened me. I could never save because I always had an excuse why I ‘needed’ that money.

"Investing gave me the option to tie up my funds in shares and allow my money to work for me. The peace of mind my portfolio has given me is invaluable."

Breaking down her portfolio, Anastasia explains that her holdings are made up of 70% equities, 10% ETFs and 20% Crypto. "Most of my ETFs are purchased in my TFSA account," she says. "I classify myself as an aggressive risk investor, so holding mostly equities doesn't frighten me as much." 📊

Some of the investments in her holdings include:

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Purple Group Limited

"Purple Group is the biggest holding in my portfolio for many reasons. Being that EasyEquities is a subsidiary of Purple Group, it was the platform that allowed me to manage my investment portfolio and their transaction fees are unbeatable. The app is easy to manoeuvre, and the tools available to assist you on your journey are wonderful. Over the past few years, their growth has been exceptional, and I do not see that stopping soon. It's a long-term hold for me."

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Renergen Limited

"I believe renewable energy is the future, and what Renergen is doing is nothing short of spectacular. I believe that environmentally friendly companies may be the standard in a few years. Stefano Marani is a visionary, and I believe they may be a great success."

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"Cyptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and can be a risky investment. EC10 gives me the option to invest in a bundle of various cryptocurrencies and benefit from the growth with less risk than buying the individual tokens or coins."

On the influencing factors in making decisions when investing, Anastasia says, "I first look to the balance sheet, cash-flow and income statement to see how funds are being managed."

Analyzing assets, liabilities, and debt are also crucial indicators for Anastasia.This helps her to understand how the company manages its funds, etc. "Poor management of debt is a serious red flag for me.

“I research how long the company has been operating since it turned its first profit and how it's grown annually. Has it been on a steady incline or decline? And is there a reason for the decline?"

Using the chart, her analysis period dates back at least five years; this is because "If there was a period where the stock took a sudden dive, I look for news during that time to explain what possibly happened. It's good to know where a company went wrong and what it has done to improve its performance."

Other research points include company management, mission, and vision.

“Does it correlate with my vision for the future? And can I see it operating successfully over the long term?” These are some of the questions Anastasia believes investors should always ask themselves before investing.

For new investors, Anastasia says, "I don't believe you need a lot of money to start investing. That's the great thing about EasyEquities; there is no minimum amount needed, and purchasing fractional shares is better than having nothing. Start now with what you have."

Time is your best asset. Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, as Einstein said.

Anastasia further explains that "we tend to believe we cannot manage a portfolio by ourselves, that we are not capable, but the more time you are willing to commit to learning...the easier it becomes."

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