From the highs to the lows – it's a thrill ride 😎


From highs to lows, it's a thrill ride, Floriena, an EasyVSTR said. Her EasyEquities journey has been full of self-development; learning about investing and how to be decisive.

Floriena Negunda is a medical scientist who studied at the University of Pretoria. Aside from her full-time profession, she is also a certified life coach and mediator who has extended her passion for educating through Ravens Tutoring, which she co-founded.

Having started her investment journey during the global lockdown, she says, "I have always wanted to invest, but it seemed a bit confusing.

"During the lockdown, more information about investing through EasyEquities became available, and working from home worked to my advantage, as I was able to spend extra time to learn more.

"Some of my starting tools were watching videos online on investing, and having discussions around investing with my circle of friends and family. It wasn't long before I was completely hooked on investing and reading up on companies."

Two of her investments include Sasol and Sun International.

From the lows of the global lockdown to the rebound of the economy reopening, Sasol was the first investment with the highest returns.

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Aligning her investment strategy with her lifestyle spending, Floriena says the lockdown restrictions presented an opportunity to buy the dip, especially within the tourism industry as restrictions got lifted.

"I had no doubt that some hotel companies would be at the forefront of the reopening," she said.

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"And I visit their hotels a lot. I love investing in companies I know, use and hear of every day".

Watching news and reading financials are some of the tools Floriena uses to help her make informed decisions when investing. "I start by looking into the industry then bottlenecking into the company. Not limiting my research to the now, I also look into acquisitions of assets and deals," she says, explaining her research strategy.

In closing, sharing words of wisdom, Floriena highlights that "you don't have to have a lot of money, you can start with R10. Begin with the little you have and build your profile from there.

"I've seen people make money from the financial challenges like the six months R100 challenge (#6MonthsRiskChallenge). It seems confusing and complicated until you start; you don't have to do it alone. Financial freedom is possible if we are willing to be bold and courageous."

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