How to buy shares

How to invest in 3 easy steps

How to get started.

Here are the three steps to becoming a shareholder in your favourite company and other asset classes.

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Get FICA'd

To get FICA'd simply by registering and filling in all required information.
Keep in mind that you will be the owner of the shares, so registering is just part of the process. Once you’ve filled in all the required details, you should get FICA’d within a short period.

Capitec Users are automatically FICA'd through the banking app. To set up your EasyEquities account on the Capitec banking app you can login, go to Explore, choose Widgets - that's where you'll find EasyEquities.

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Once you FICA verified, your account is active and ready to make you a shareholder in your favourite company, with no minimums.

All you have to do is log in to your EasyEquities account, navigate to My Funds, then you’ll choose the Deposit option. Use the given details there to make your deposit using your EE account number as the reference. 

Widget users choose Transfer funds instead of Deposit

For other methods: App/Web users, Capitec widget users.

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Start Investing

Once your deposit money reflects in your account, you should get a notification - this means you are good to go.

Starting to invest is as easy as clicking the “Invest now”. With a click of a button and you are open to a world of listed companies.

There’s no limit to what you buy or what you can buy. So you can start building an investment portfolio from the South African market, Australian Market, to the American Market.

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