Investor of the week: Nadia Kandava


This week we're profiling Nadia Kandava, a 24-year old graduate from Monash University whose introduction to investing was through a colleague who had recently opened an EasyEquities account. Since Nadia had an immense passion for shoes and financial freedom, she also started her investing journey.

My investment journey started when I had completed university and started working. I really wish I had started investing when I was still in university, however EasyEquities was not borne yet.

I was always afraid to even think of the concept of investing. I would think "it's something my mom is most likely doing to secure my future". I never thought it could be something I could start doing to secure my own future

When I discovered EasyEquites and how easy it would be to invest in the companies I love, I had to grab this opportunity with both hands. The excitement of the possibility of having a lump sum in my investment account before the age of 30 intrigued me. I opened an EasyEquities account and learned how to invest in low stocks. I didn't need to put a lot of money that I didn't have in order to see massive returns; I could tailor-make my investment amounts according to what I could afford. 

Yes I am young and impatient, but seeing my money grow and the idea of its growth long-term enticed me to invest in shares that I love like SAB and Purple Group.


I was really excited when I learnt that there is a platform which allows anyone to invest. The fact that I can invest from as little as R100 inspired me to think of my future and financial freedom. My lifetime goal is financial independence and opening an EasyEquities account was the first step. 

As a young woman, I always have something to pay for such as my car, shoes, a new hairdo or getting my nails done. I never thought about using my money for the greater good in order to maintain my lifestyle. I knew I had to start investing at a young age to reap the benefits when I'm older. 

The second thing that drew me to EasyEquities is the ease of use. I was under the impression that investing is a tedious venture and I would not understand the terms and legalities associated with it. However, the EasyEquities platform is so easy for me to use that I get to see my investment grow over time. Opening an EasyEquities account was the best decision I could make for my future and I know I will not regret it.