An INVSTR changing the status quo


INVSTR Journey 

We've all heard of the line: be the change you want to see.

For INVSTR and Mrs. Universe Africa finalist Nonhlanhla Kunene, financial empowerment has been part of that quest since she started investing in 2015.

Nonhlanhlas's career began as a research writer for a financial research company in 2015. Her role was to highlight the benefits and to encourage more people to start investing. This was through simplifying investing for the ordinary citizen.

Being a Mrs. Universe Africa finalists was an eye-opener that also landed her an opportunity to work with POWA and Lawyers against Abuse, organizations that do phenomenal work to "try and empower women in our often patriarchal society." Nonhlanhla explains.

Empowering women in finance.

"One crucial aspect that's often overlooked when we talk about gender equality: I believe that saving and investing, for women, has never been more crucial in our pursuit for equality. Because more often than not, finances often play a huge role in determining what many women ultimately put up with or
choose not to put up with."

"So, I believe if more women had greater financial independence, it would be a great equalizer in our pursuit for equality," Nonhlanhla says.

How does Nonhlanhla save and Invest?

"I like simplicity," she says.

Using the Live Better Savings feature on the Capitec Banking app offers her the privilege to save automatically.

While the EasyEquies widget offers her everything 'under one roof,' allowing her to transfer and invest without multiple logins in different accounts.


Activate your Capitec Widget


Nonhlanhla kick-started her investment with The Secret Sauce Basket, followed by The Quintessential Basket in her Tax-Free Savings Account.

“Choosing to invest in my TFSA was a no-brainer. Plus, unlike some investors, I don't have the energy to go research each and every single share/stock, so the baskets with pre-selected shares (and clearly defined risk profiles) are perfect for me,” she adds.

Believing in financial freedom while building up her investment portfolio; some of Nonhlanhlas words of wisdom are:

“Keep your credit to a minimum. Live well below your means and put away as much as you can. It will put you in good stead because believe me, I don't think anyone wants to wait 'til 60 to retire.”