EasyEquities Youser Kabelo, future finance guru

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I have had the honour to interact with some of the most socially invested investors during our #EasyApp testing campaign. It has been interesting getting to know people in the EasyCommunity, I've received some feedback on not only EasyEquities, but some very cool insights about finances have been shared with me. One such very insightful person and Easy investor is Kabelo Mmoledi. 

Kabelo is a business consultant and director in a Real Estate enterprise. It becomes a little clearer to see where his future may lie. He does wind up letting us in on his plans for the future, where he sees himself "specialising in financial planning" and debt-free, "liquid enough to be a serial trader."

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While he has a diverse mix of goals he wishes to achieve within the financial space he makes sure to highlight that "investing is not only for making money but for building wealth and security over time." Kabelo has four more principles that we believe our peers could do with knowing: 

  • "Diversify as much as possible, across industries
  • Bundles are a good way of achieving diversification
  • Go into investing with your mind, not the heart
  • Recent sagas (Steinhoff and ABIL) show that one component of the market unit can have a huge impact on any portfolio"

With a strong drive for "playing around investing," Kabelo makes sure to keep his eyes out for IPO's, bundles, and "shares that happen to have a lot of public attention over a short period of time." He continues to name some of the stocks and products that have piqued his interest lately, including: Pick n Pay, BizNews US Exponential Bundle, First Rand, and few others.     

"I have always wanted to invest and I tried other platforms/institutions before EasyEquities. The big problem I had with them were the costs, complicated processes, and rigidity." He had come across EasyEquities via recommendations on social media

I was curious about where to from here for Kabelo. "Any extra R5 I get my hands on goes into investing." In looking to "start small and grow," Kabelo emphasised that he hopes to derive a strategy from his journey in the financial space, where he mixes trading and investing to reach his financial goals. 



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