A New Way to Thrive!

Tristan Finnemore

Remember how we created a loyalty programme that allowed you to pay ZERO BROKERAGE on selected stocks if you accomplished certain goals? Well, we’ve given Thrive a much-needed face-lift!

Our new version of Thrive is now broken up into multiple challenges per month.

Each challenge carries a discount in brokerage - complete the challenge to earn its discount. You can now keep track of your completed and outstanding challenges, as well as see how much brokerage discount you qualify for - all of which can be viewed in your EasyEquities account.

Here’s a breakdown of how the new Thrive challenges will be done going forward:

Every month we will give you four small challenges to complete. Each challenge is weighted a specific brokerage discount percentage for that month, but if you complete all four then you get 100% discount. Each of the challenges will fall under a different category from one another, making it more fun to take part in and complete.


Select the category and challenge on the Thrive wheel to see what the challenge is all about, in greater detail.

At the end of the month we will update your Thrive level before you can enjoy the benefits at the start of the next month. 

We may update the qualifying stocks every quarter, so visit the Thrive page to see which shares and instruments qualify.

For more information on this new way to Thrive, you can check it out here. Alternatively, log into your EasyEquities account and head on over to the 'My Thrive' section of your profile. If you are on desktop, log into your EasyEquities account and hit this link.