Pacing Through Markets and Marathons

Pacing Through Markets and Marathons

Meet Justin, a dedicated ultrarunner and Business Optimization Lead at EasyEquities, where his passion for running and expertise in investing seamlessly intertwine.

Justin is ready for another Otter African Trail Run which happens every year. This trail run is a unique and challenging ultra marathon experience with a gazillion stairs, river crossings and technical terrain and breathtaking views. They don't call it the 'Grail of Trail' for nothing.

The trail itself is a legend, South Africa's oldest and most famous hiking path. It winds along the beautiful coast between Storms River and Nature's Valley, and it's been open since 1968.

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People come from all over to hike this amazing trail, and guess what? More than half the runners in the Otter Trail Run are already smart investors with EasyEquities!

This adventure is a tough one, but Justin's got his eye again on that finish line, fueled by his "never give up" attitude.

Having missed the Otter in 2023, Justin is eager to return to the trails. The joy of seeing runners cross the finish line motivates him, and he can't wait to hear the crowd roar as he crosses that finish line himself.

Training and Preparing for the Challenge
Justin takes his training seriously, following a program with Mark Wolff, who previously helped him achieve a personal best in a marathon. He's aiming for a sub-9-hour Comrades marathon and the elusive Bill Rowan medal. So far in 2024, he's run the Edenvale Marathon as his Comrades qualifier and the Durban Marathon as part of his long training runs.

The Otter's famous stairs are no surprise to Justin. He knows the course is tough, but he's confident in his training. Using the strength built from training for the Comrades, he'll add extra stair workouts to ensure he's ready.

Running and Business: A Perfect Synergy
Justin's running skills translate to his work as a Business Optimization Lead. Just like he analyzes running, he analyzes business processes to make them smoother. In his spare time, he loves participating in ultra marathons, alternating between running and cycling. Additionally, he's a deep house DJ, performing monthly at a fantastic restaurant called The Wildside with his wife, Nina.

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Balancing work and family life can be challenging, but he prioritizes physical exercise as a crucial part of his routine. He knows that it significantly improves his performance at work and makes him a happier family member. It all comes down to discipline in finding time for running and exercise. Sometimes, it means waking up at 4:00 in the morning for a 2.5 - 3 hour run before starting his day. Other times, it's about being creative and finding small pockets of time for a workout. While it's not always easy to start on a cold, dark winter morning, he has never finished a run without feeling better for it. 

Life Lessons from Running
Ultramarathons have taught Justin that he's tougher than he thinks. Each race pushes him further, revealing his potential. This newfound confidence helps him tackle challenges in all areas of life, not just running.

Justin believes that with a little discipline and application, anyone can achieve feats like the Comrades and the Otter. This realization allows him to accomplish much greater things in all facets of life.

Running is Like Investing: Be Consistent!
Justin sees a connection between running and investing. Both require discipline and regular effort. Just as an athlete trains consistently, a smart investor puts money aside and learns about the market over time.

Justin's story is an inspiration. It shows that with dedication, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude, you can achieve anything, whether on the trails or beyond. His life teaches us that with the right discipline, the seemingly impossible becomes possible, whether crossing a marathon finish line or reaching a financial summit. His story isn't just about running or investing; it's about the relentless pursuit of excellence in every stride and every market move.

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More on the Otter African Trail Run
The event is run by not only fantastic people but also good friends of ours and is supported by the legends at FACES. It also has some amazing sponsors involved, such as SANParks and adidas TERREX, and we are privileged to be the presenting partner of the event.


To learn more about "The Otter African Trail Run," click here.

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