The perfect picture with your favourite share 📸


Are you capturing the perfect moment? 🧐well, for our favourite photo and videography INVSTR, it’s capturing the perfect moment 📽 with his favourite share(s) 📊.

We had an opportunity to speak to Sven Meyer, a 19-year-old investor currently studying for an online business degree. This comes after he took a gap year before furthering his studies. Aside from academics, Sven is a sports fanatic with mad love for videography, photography and travelling.

Sven is a passive ETF INVSTR who started his journey before the age of 18. Sharing some of his investments, he says he’s diversified with local and international ETFs, including his Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA).

“I believe that ETFs are a great way to be exposed to the total world economy, without having to go through the high stress levels that come with market volatility (#HODL!),” he says.

Some of his holdings include Satrix and CoreShares ETFs. 

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Not limiting his options of diversifying his investment portfolio, Sven has also invested in the top 10 crypto assets under the EC10 token and the Apple 🖥producer, Apple Inc.

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Thinking back to how he started, Sven said, “After opening and contributing to my TFSA in my Covid Matric Year, 2020, I have now also started investing into ETFs in my US account. I was very fortunate that my uncle helped set up my EasyEquties account in my matric year, and through the help of others, reading a lot of guides and books, I was hooked on personal finance.”

For Sven, the journey has been a learning experience and an opportunity to share some of his personal finance goals and ambitions with his community.

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time,” he says, adding: “Start making your money work for you from a young age so that you don’t have to work much as you get older.”

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