R100k worth of free shares up for grabs! #ShareDemocratization


In 2015, stats confirmed that there were only 280 000 South Africans that directly owned shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). With a population of 53 million, this means that 99.5% of us don’t own a single share! Equities are the best performing asset class and are vital tool for wealth creation, so why are we not all jumping at this opportunity to own shares?

Previously, investing in shares listed on the JSE was seen as an elite activity, and was to a great extent. It was also intimidating (and often an unaffordable) option for the average Joe.

At EasyEquities we are strong believers that investing in shares should be #Easy #Cheap and available to everyone. As a result we addressed some of the barriers that previously made investing in shares unavailable to the large majority of the South African population. The EasyEquities team created a platform that makes share investment an easy, enjoyable and rewarding user experience.

EasyEquities launched 15 months ago. In that time we have assisted 16 384 new investors in starting their investment journey. It is the start of the journey and there is still a long way to go to truly democratise the stock market. Out of the total registrations we have had, there are some clients who have registered but not gone on to invest. The recurring theme these clients have is fear of losing money. 

As a result our team decided to address these concerns by launching the #ShareDemocratization campaign.

Instead of spending R100 000 on the costs associated in launching a fully-fledged marketing campaign we decided to use the cash where it mattered most – getting South Africans investing!

EasyEquities has put up R100 000 worth of shares that ordinary South Africa can claim their portion of. If only 10 people claim, the R100 000 will be divided by 10 and each claimant will receive R10 000 worth of shares. If 100 people claim they will each receive R1000. No one will walk away with less than R100 guaranteed.

It’s a win-win situation. We are increasing the number of South Africans who own shares and providing you with the opportunity to claim you share of R100 000. It is a great way to reduce the fear for a first time investor. We would far rather spend our marketing budget on this than the costs associated with traditional marketing. We are also hoping that other listed companies follow suit and rather use their marketing budgets to grow their shareholder base and assist South Africans in creating wealth.

Last night, in partnership with CNBC Africa and DJ Sbu we officially launched the #ShareDemocratization campaign to the public through his TV show – Kicking Doors. When looking for a partner for this campaign we knew we had to find someone who shared our vision of making investing for everyone. Both teams share a passion to educate and empower South Africans – we knew immediately that this was a match made in heaven.

To find out more about the #ShareDemocratization visit www.ee123.co.za.

Remember that this campaign is open to anyone who hasn’t previously owned a share through EasyEquities so spread the love to all your family and friends and earn EasyMoney while doing so. It’s that #Easy