The Great TFSA Race!

It has been just under a year since the government introduced Tax-Free saving in South Africa - an amazing opportunity that allows you to make the most of your investment returns.

When the EasyEquities team heard about this new initiative, we couldn’t wait to provide a platform where our clients could invest Tax Free! After all, TFSA resonates with all that we stand for – eliminating unnecessary costs means more profit in your pocket! Not to forget that it’s #Easy!

In celebration of the first year since the launch of TFSAs and because a little bit of competition is always healthy… we decided to support our friends at intellidex who have launched the Great TFSA Race!

If you have a great, successful and easy TFSA investment strategy we want to know about it! There is also a reward of R5000 up for grabs, it’s that #Easy! Check out the finer details of the competition here.

Here’s an opportunity to showcase your investment strategy, let your friends test it for themselves and earn a reward for sharing it! Sounds easy right?! And with the end of the 2014/2015 year approaching there has never been a better time to max out your TFSA limit. 

So get started!