🎙 Listen: Property Investing Made Really Easy


While climbing the property ladder has become simpler with the debut of EasyProperties, we wanted to share insights about investing in property in both the traditional way and the new school method.

That is why our Easy Does It host, DJ @ Large, enlisted the help of Andrew Hartogh from Narrative to unpack the dual methods of investing in property. As co-founder of EasyProperties with many years of experience in real estate we appreciated Andrew dropping in to share invaluable insights about the industry and more.

Part 1: Investing the Old School Way vs. the New School Way

This episode gives a rundown of how investing in property goes when buying real estate through traditional channels. This particular conversation highlights the appeal in property, the process of purchasing real estate, industry trends, tips and tricks, as well as the signs of opportunity to identify.

So, if you’re looking to buy property and need an overview guide on the market and its mechanics as well as the role EasyProperties plays in simplifying this asset class, make sure to give this episode a listen.


Part 2: How EasyProperties Works

This episode is all about how to invest real estate via EasyProperties, with practical insights on how the platform works.

Follow the Property INVSTR’s journey with us as we go through the registration process, browsing properties on the platform, making the first deposit, and investing. Listen to this episode to understand how investors make money by investing on Easyproperties and more!

A bonus is that Andrew gives our community a peek behind the big blue EasyProperties curtain by sharing how the internal teams find real estate and developments that will feature on the platform.


Make sure to check out EasyProperties here and activate your account. Whether you’re looking to make your first direct investment in property or you’re looking to diversify your investments in real estate, make sure to check out EasyEquities’ sister company disrupting the industry.


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