🎙 Listen: Understanding Exchange Traded Funds


The world of Exchange Traded Funds is ever-expanding and we love it! So, who better to get us to grips with ETFs than Nerina Visser? Nerina joined our Easy Does It host, DJ @ Large, for double-bill episodes on all things ETFs.

Check out the episodes below as we journey through the finance/investment industry by way of the ETF guided by a legend in the industry.

Part 1

Our first conversation with Nerina establishes how ‘The Queen of ETFs’ got into the industry to become Director and Co-Owner of etfSA, the misconceptions surrounding Exchange Traded Funds, and what they actually are.

This episode is great for beginners because it breaks down ETFs with a relatable analogy comparing them to baking cakes and the ingredients that make them delicious. You will want to understand the rules that govern these funds as well as the ways they benefit new and seasoned investors alike.

Hit the play button below for fundamental and in-depth insights on this type of investment.



Part 2

This episode broadens our perspectives as Nerina highlights the role that Exchange Traded Funds plays in the larger finance ecosystem.

This conversation underscores the different ways you can access ETFs with maximum benefits, the importance in comparing different funds against each other, as well as Nerina’s ‘Three C’s’ of controlling any anxiety you may feel about investing.

Spin this episode for a mix of big picture perspective, personalised guides, and a bit history behind ETFs in the country.


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