Revenue up 40%.. Purple Group Annual Results released!


Today is a special day for us all. Purple Group released great results for the year ending 31 August 2015 showing revenue growth of 40%, among many other excellent results, indicating a solid future for our fintech company.

But that’s not all! We have also saved thousands of rands owning our Purple shares (JSE code PPE) via the EasyEquities platform. No wonder the Intellidex/Financial Mail Investor’s Monthly survey named us TOP STOCKBROKER and NUMBER ONE TFSA in South Africa a few weeks ago.

EasyEquities is one of the four focused brands in the Purple Group. It aims to empower all South Africans to be financially independent. The platform makes buying and owning shares cheap, fun, educational and, most of all, #easy! By cheap, we mean really cheap – it costs only 64c per R100 invested, which is way cheaper than any other platform.

Our EasyEquities community is a great source of feedback for us. We love hearing from you! Thanks to your input we’ve been able to refine our platform continually to make sure more and more South Africans become shareholders every day.

 A few EasyEquities facts:

  • EasyEquities has been responsible for increasing Purple shareholders from 1182 to 1690 in the past financial year. This is proof that democratisation of the JSE is possible!
  • Everyone who works at Purple Group is a shareholder in the company, which makes us even more invested (excuse the pun) in what we do here. We expect more and more listed companies will start to see the benefits of inviting their staff, suppliers and other stakeholders to invest the #easy way in their own companies’ shares. This is just one of the ways we hope to raise the number of South Africans who own shares from less than 1% to … well, as close to 100% as possible!
  • Some stats: The average age of Purple shareholders is 36. We have 24% female investors, which logically means we have 76% male investors. Of course, these are just averages as we know that ANYONE can and should own shares in the brands they know and love – regardless of age, gender or other arbitrary measures.

For the full Purple Group results, please click here.

Bearing in mind that past performance is no indication of future returns, owning shares offers us all the best opportunity for creating wealth. If you want to know more about the other brands in the Purple Group, click on the links below:

Emperor Asset Management - our hedge fund has achieved returns of 61% since inception. And our segregated portfolios, unit trusts and TFSA account all offer excellent value for money is the cheapest way to trade CFDs and spreads

GT Private Broking offers high touch and technological innovation for those individuals with R250 000 or more to trade

We look forward to a year of ongoing #easy innovation and welcome any input you may have.

Wishing you an #easy afternoon!