Surfing and MMA – it’s all happening with EasyEquities this weekend

If anyone knows how to put up a fight, it’s EasyEquities. We’ve been fighting for the democratisation of the stock exchange since our inception, and we’re not going down easy! And now we’re taking this spirit onto the beaches of East London and into the EFC hexagon in Cape Town.

This Saturday, 7 November 2015, you’re likely to see the EasyEquities logo in a couple of surprising places.

If you’re on Gonubie Beach in East London at 4pm, you can get a free surfing lesson from our friends at Dead Reckoning. These guys run what they call Salty Hour every Saturday from 4 to 5pm to teach people how to surf. Anyone’s welcome, even if you don’t want to surf; you can just chill with the guys on the beach if you prefer.

EasyEquities provided assistance to the Salty Hour team to buy surfboards for these lessons because we believe everyone should be able to follow their passion. Plus, surfing and investing have a lot more in common than you may think.

At the same time this Saturday in Cape Town (4pm), EasyEquities will be getting behind world heavyweight EFC champion Brendon Groenewald as he faces Tomasz “Kredka” Kowalkowski in the men’s heavyweight Extreme Fighting Championship bout in the hexagon at Grand West Arena. (In case you were wondering, EFC is an MMA competition – that’s mixed martial arts. It’s one of the fastest growing competitions in Africa, like EasyEquities is one of the fastest growing investment platforms in Africa. All these things that we have in common!)

“EasyEquities has always been about doing things differently – not for the sake of being different, but to ensure we make a positive difference in the lives of our investors,” says EasyEquities brand manager Romi Appel. “That’s why we run promotions and campaigns in interesting and seemingly unusual places. Remember the Exclusive Books promotion? And the democratisation of the stock exchange promo, which is still running.

“Well, now we’re giving our investors in Cape Town and East London the opportunity to learn how to surf, or to see a live MMA fight. These are not things that the average person gets the chance to experience. But then again, until recently, neither was investing in shares!”

If you want to watch the EFC tournament, tune in to Supersport 7 on Saturday. The Groenewald/Kredka bout will take place at 8pm. Look out for the BIG EasyEquities logo on Groenewald’s walk-in tee. Tweet your support to @BrenGMMA.
Update: Brendon won his fight on 7 November (we only associate with winners!), and EasyEquities has since sponsored another surfboard for the Salty Hour initiative.