Section 12J


With your Sunstone Capital 12J investment well on its way hopefully you have submitted your tax certificate in with your IRP5 and claimed back you money from SARS , we thought we'd give you some updates on what the funds have been invested in, what the plans are going forward and how we will keep you updated. 

Current Investment: We are fully deployed!

As a moveable assets fund we previously had 100% exposure to commercial fleet vehicles, however as a conservative growing fund it became important to start introducing some diversification into the investments. We do love investing in vehicles  and have kept that ay 71% as a focus and have introduced some outdoor media assets into our investment mix.

While the movable asset of choice may differ slightly the investment style remains the same. We receive consistent monthly rentals providing predictable returns without taking on operational risk of how well the asset performs for the renter. The investment is fully underpinned by the asset which we own and it is not an asset held for capital growth but rather retaining value and yielding dividends.

Going forward:

We are looking forward to the future as we continue to grow the fund and its asset pool in order to continue bringing value to all members of the Sunstone family.

Updates: We plan to send out regular communication throughout the year around updates, performance, future investment opportunities as well as educational content around Sunstone and Section 12J

Please let us know if you need your Tax Certificate by sending a mail to and we will reply in a jiffy.

Until Next Time 

Happy Investing