Seeing the world differently to find opportunity


Skateboarding taught me some valuable life lessons. In which I apply to many aspects in my life, especially investing.


Skateboarding is more than just a sport to me. It is a way of life which I apply to many other aspects of living - especially investing. Ever since I was young it exposed me to different people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. However none of our differences seemed to matter because we were all united by one common interest which was skateboarding. I know that no matter where I travel in the world I will be able to go to a skatepark and connect with people. That’s why skateboarding never fails to amaze me - it connects people across a diverse range of backgrounds through common interest and overcomes the divide between us. 


All skateboarders from around the world share a similar mindset, which is very progress orientated. We are constantly trying to better ourselves on the board while implementing the vision we had in mind (of different tricks or combos) before we execute. All skateboarders look at the world from a different perspective to the average person. Where most people might see a rail to put their hand on while walking down stairs, us skateboarders look at it as an opportunity to grind down an obstacle. Where ever we go, we are constantly looking for the chance to recreate our art on the world's infrastructure. 


The support system in skateboarding is also not like any other sports. For example, in soccer you aren’t going to celebrate when the other team scores. However, in skateboarding your opponents celebrate and congratulate you when you land a really hard trick in competition. This is because we understand how many hours of practice and dedication it took for the skater to be able to do that trick consistently while applying it to the obstacle that he is doing it on. 


Everything I do is from a skateboarder's perspective, therefore I link it to a lot of other things I do - even investing. The same way I look for opportunities when skating obstacles in the streets, I’m try to find new opportunities and trends in the stock markets. The same tenacity I use in practicing a new trick, is the same fighting principle I apply to my investment choices, even when they don’t necessarily go to plan.


It is best to be a diverse skateboarder who likes to skate all different kinds of obstacles like rails, stairs, ledges and transition. Having a diverse skillset in your arsenal as a skateboarder not only makes for great entertainment but also makes for an endless amount of possibilities to what you can do next, meaning more chance to win.


Just like in skateboarding, diversifying my investment portfolio with the help of the easy equities app has allowed me to reach new heights in growing my funds.


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