Stealthy Wealth - Offshore Property ETFs

Our friend from Stealthy Wealth analyses the offshore Property ETFs available on the JSE and gives us a rundown of all of them.

The great thing about ETFs is that they can allow you to invest globally, and at a great fee compared to some of the other ways of doing it. And this includes investing in property. Yes, that’s right, at a very reasonable cost, you can put your money into some of the top overseas property companies, by investing in a Global Property ETF.

There are currently 3 options available to South African Investors:

  • 1nvest Global REIT
  • CoreShares Global Property
  • Sygnia Itrix Global Property

The CoreShares Global Property and the Sygnia Itrix Global Property are pretty much the same thing and they track the same S&P Global Property 40 Index. These ETFs spread your money across 40 different companies and invest your money in many different countries across multiple continents..


Source – Sygnia Itrix Global Property MDD (June 2020)

The ETF has about 60% exposure to the USA, and also invests in Hong, Kong, Japan and even Germany. The ETF gives you exposure to some of the biggest and best property companies. The top 10 companies in the ETF are listed below.


Source – Sygnia Itrix Global Property MDD (June 2020)

As mentioned, the CoreShares Global Property and the Sygnia Itrix Global Property ETFs track the same index. One of the factors you can consider when picking between the two is cost. The Sygnia Itrix Global Property ETF Total Investment Charge (TIC) is 0.28% which is considerably cheaper than the CoreShares Global Property at 0.73%

The 1nvest Global REIT is similar to the above two ETFs in that it also invests in Global Property, but it does it using a slightly different index – the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global REIT Index (say that fast 3 times!)

This index is slightly less diversified in terms of the countries it invests in because it has more exposure to the USA (compared to 60.8%), but it is more diversified in terms of the companies it invests in (the top holding is 6.24% versus 9.3%)


Source – 1nvest Global REIT Index Feeder ETF MDD (June 2020)

The Total Investment Charge of the 1nvest Global REIT is 0.44%

In summary, here are the three Global Property ETFs available to South African investors together with the index they track and their Total Investment Charge.


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