Understanding Tender-offer


What is a tender offer?

A tender offer is a corporate action whereby investors are allowed to sell their shares to the offeror at a prescribed price for a specific period. Reasons behind tender offers may differ; these can include, but are not limited to the below:

Company share buybacks

When a company intends to buy back its own shares, it can place an offer for shareholders to sell their shares at a specific price.


To gain control over a company, an offer can be brought to the table by the offeror to acquire at least more than the majority (+50% shareholding) of its holding; this offer can be presented by another company, hedge funds or any other private or public company.

Companies are more likely to undergo takeovers when trading at a low value. One method to prevent takeovers can include a share consolidation.

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Share consolidation

A tender offer can come at different prices, especially looking at the company's performance; this offer is not always mandatory, and investors are not forced to sell their shares at the specific share price.

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