Words of wisdom from one EasyEquities #PayItForward winner


#PayItForward Winner

Since our #PayItForward campaign began, over 14 EasyVSTRs had the opportunity to walk away with part of the R1million giveaway prize fund. Luyanda Ntlebi is one of the EasyVSTRs who made it on the winners' list, and is one of the 6 winners to walk away with R10 000 in their EasyEquities account 💯

Luyanda is an EasyVSTR born and bred in a town called Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. Aside from his digital market agency Yaluli Agency, Luyanda trades various indices as a day trader.

For someone who’s always looking for ways to grow their money, Luyanda said that investing has proven to be one of the best tools; this comes after he started his journey in late 2021. “Growing up in a rural province with limited opportunities to advance in life, I sort of leveraged on the use of the internet to find ways of making a living for myself and family; investing gave me that option where I “let my money work for me”, he added.

Sharing insight into his portfolio, Luyanda said that Capitec, Renergen and City Lodge are among the companies he owns.
While Fundamental analysis is not one of Luyandas’ strong points, he said that: "My current portfolio is made up of stable brands I am familiar with and am very big on discounts where I can get great and well established companies at a discounted price", further adding that he also uses technical analysis for current and future share price estimations.

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New call-to-actionCapitec Bank City Lodge

Renergen: With buzz words such as alternative source of energy, I see this stock providing future growth within my portfolio.

City Lodge: The stock was hammered during Covid-19 Lockdowns, and those restrictions drove the share price down. I saw an opportunity to get a good company selling at a huge discount since we no longer have business restrictions, and I plan to hold this one for a few years to come.

Capitec Bank: Ever since it was launched in 2001, this brand has grown immensely and continues to carry big brand loyalty towards the lower LSM, and with current unemployment levels soaring high in South Africa, this bank continues to be the entry-level banking services provider for first-time bank account owners. Have you seen the queues there? Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a story? Also enjoyed the fact that they paid out my first dividend LOL.

Luyanda is also invested in ETFs such as Satrix S&P 500, Satrix Nasdaq 100, Satrix RESI ETF and Satrix 40 ETF.

“Diversification is important,” Luyanda said. Some of the international companies he owns include Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

And while many may still assume that investing is only for a few, Luyanda said: “Investing is for all of us. It is not only reserved for a select few. We can build wealth for all our families. If one is looking at investing, I would advise them to put all fear aside and “just do it” and take that first step towards a better and brighter future."

“When I started investing, I knew nothing about the financial arena. All I knew was that I was tired of my current situation and wanted to build wealth for my family, and I knew that investing would play a big role in achieving my goals. Just start and enjoy the journey.”

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