The Journey with Isabella Stromvig


Whether today or tomorrow, the journey can start on either - a saying Isabella would say to someone asking when to start investing.

Studying in grade 8, Isabella Stromvig is a self-motivated ✊ goal-driven, change-maker. Aside from her studies, some of her other hobbies include sports, public speaking, music and chess 😎- together with her friends, they are striving to make a difference through the SteduVI club. In this organization, she’s the president.

She juggles all the above at her young age, while pursuing her financial goals. Her investment strategy during the pandemic, which she compiled with the guidance of her late father, helped her identify companies for her portfolio. 

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Sasol, Absa, City Lodge, MTN, Nedbank, Redefine, Sun International and Telkom are among the companies she has in her portfolio. 

“My father would make spreadsheets on the highest and lowest value of shares, which would inform me which companies to invest in. I used the strategy to pick most of the companies I’ve invested in,” says Isabella.

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City Lodge and Sun International are two of the companies she picked during the global restrictions, believing that these companies would see a recovery as restrictions eased. 

“My father recommended the majority of the shares, and we would discuss the pros and cons,” she adds.
Benefiting from the recovery of the global restrictions, her account profits grew by double digits. One of the lessons she highlights includes the importance of using debt for investment and not only for spending - a lesson her mother taught her, emphasising using debt to invest while making sure to service the credit during the period. 

Not only does she invest in single companies, but Isabella also does things the tax-free way 😎 with her TFSA, while also building a property. 

Start them while they are still young 😎 Isabella’s mother, Tessa, says. 
“Isabella was only nine when she started her investing journey. The plan is to be a millionaire by the time she is 21... Currently, she is 13 and well on her way to achieving that goal, while constantly looking for opportunities to grow her net worth”



“For me, it’s an easy way to grow money. No matter how old you are, the best time to start investing is now,” Isabella says. “Choose your investments wisely, know something about the company you are investing in, and study the industry in which the company operates.”


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