The investment journey that can start with R1 or more


Investing is one of the most effective ways for you to grow your wealth over the long term, whether you start with R5 or R1000. Getting started is the first step and staying in the market is the second.

Lesedi Motloung, an EasyVSTRs who secured the bag with one of our Capitec weekly R10 000 giveaways, said about investing: "It is phenomenal; it's good to see your money working for you in the market."

Lesedi Motloung is a full-time data collector who resides in Soweto. An aspect that inspired Lesedi to kick start his investment journey was looking for additional income during the first global lockdown. "I did proper research on how to invest money. Then boom! EasyEquities was all over the net. The videos on YouTube motivated me to start investing even more."

Investing using the widget available on the Capitec app has brought convenience to his no-minimum investing amount journey, "It's amazing how I can participate in the market as little as R1", he said. He also says that he invests in companies where he spends his money. Some of these investments include: Shoprite Holdings Limited, Woolworths Holdings Limited and Capitec

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A strategy that has been working for Lesedi includes identifying companies he is familiar with, and those he's a consumer of. Researching a company's fundamentals are also important, especially if he doesn't know much about the its background.

Exchange-traded funds that have landed on Lesedi's radar are, Satrix, FirstRand Inflation and ABSA NewFunds. Internationally, Apple & Ford are some of the companies he owns, as a way to diversify his investment portfolio.

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According to Lesedi, "Life is like toothpaste; you need to give it a squeeze in order for you to get something out". In terms of investing, he believes that no matter how much one invests, money invested has more potential for growth compared to money just lying around  – start somewhere and be consistent.

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