Uncertainties that brought about opportunities


As markets rebound after a volatile period during the unprecedented pandemic - when it comes to risks in investing, what are you taking? A question Kutlwano would ask.

Kutlwano Mositi is an admitted attorney and is currently employed as a legal advisor for one of South Africa's largest banks. On the entrepreneurial side, Kutlwano is also co-founder of the Mositi Mabena Group (Pty) Ltd and director of a small online boutique butchery, Re Ja Nama.

For Kutlwano, the route of growing one's money is not a one-way street. His investment journey started with platforms such as personal banking platforms and BEE shares. "Owing to the high brokerage costs, I made smaller investments as my potential returns would always attract higher management or withdrawal fees".

“Cay-Low Mbedzi, who later joined the EasyEquities team, encouraged me to try the platform out,” he says, adding “It's not about starting big. I started my portfolio with just R400.

When asked about his stocks of choice, Kutlwano says "I looked at property-related stocks, i.e. Redefine and Growthpoint and, at the same time, Ashburton Midcap. I then started making monthly deposits into my EasyEquities account and would diversify my portfolio based on other sectors, with EC10 being his largest Crypto holding."

Kutlwano analyses financials, news, and other risk factors when doing research. Some of his favourite investments include:

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City Lodge Hotels Limited

"My focus on tourism stocks came after the harsh lockdown restrictions that came into play and saw a drastic decline of the stock. I saw this as an opportunity to invest in the hotel sector as I knew it would later boom back to its earlier levels. Despite the risks, tourism is among the industries that may see a strong rebound as we return to normal."

Purple Group Limited

"The financial services sector, in this case, Purple Group, presented itself as a penny stock, which is now rising to the big boys, and I love to see that. I suspect it may continue growing as more investments are made."

With investing, the long term perspective is vital for Kutlwano, which he believes will lead to "an even healthier portfolio” as the economy recovers. 

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When it comes to risks, Kutlwano says, "Don't be afraid to take risks. Do your research, even if it means spending more time reading through a few articles about your stock of choice. Diversify your portfolio and always remain positive!"

Explaining his way of diversification, Kutlwano says that some of his investments include (by sector); crypto, cannabis, financial services, property, platinum, retail, telecommunications and electronics and renewable energy.

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