What are your investing goals?

Meet Future You

There’s a lot of science around setting goals and why they work when it comes to achieving the stuff that’s really important to you. We could smash out the stats, give you loads of references to studies done at Harvard and the like that prove this theory, or we could just give you some short and sweet practical tips. You’re fast-tracking your way to Warren Buffett status, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Get some goals

We’ve done our own surveys (we’re geeky like that) which tell us there are a couple of financial wins that Newbie investors strive for. See if there’s a couple on here that resonate with where you’re at or create your own. Big or small, one or many.

  • Save enough money to start my own business
  • Start building a nest egg for when I retire
  • Put money away for my kids education (or my own)
  • Save enough to buy my own house

Think of these as your intentions, they’re not set in stone and may even evolve and change throughout your journey.

Finding your When-it-comes-down-to-it-Why?

Sure, a lot of us want to live like Beyonce, drive a Bentley and country hop to experience a year long summer. But thinking about why it is that you want to soar to new financial heights, means digging a little deeper. What are the driving forces that are propelling you towards these goals? Are you seeking independence, confidence or power? Do you want to feel safe and in control? Connecting with your purpose is a way to help sustain your motivation, no matter your current circumstance.

Let Future You move in

You’re starting to get acquainted with what Future You might look like, who they are and what makes them tick. Now it’s time to get to know them a little better. You might want to create some visual reminders of what Future You is about, a cutout collage (we’re looking at you crafters!) or maybe something a little more two thousand and now – like a Pinterest board! It can be simple – like taking a minute to close your eyes and remember what your end game looks like, or scribbling and sticking a note on your fridge. Whatever works for you, do that! But make Future You feel at home with Now You – you may need to call on them for a Pep Talk from time to time.