You gotsta habit


The thing about habits is that they can be tricky to break and make. Particularly the habit of saving. But we don’t like tricky. We like easy. That’s why we’ve launched Recurring Investments – a way for you to multiply your opportunities instead of shelving them for once off indulgences. Now you can set yourself up with some good habits and kick those nasty ones to the curb! It’s as easy as: Depost, Trade, Repeat.

Set up a recurring investment

For me, there’s something really soothing about the ebb and flow of routine – the place where habits go to big school and become a part of our daily lives. Like how every Saturday I take my pooch for a walk in my neighbourhood park, or how I have a fixed family lunch date on a Sunday afternoon, or how I have to have my morning coffee before I can truly be classified as a human being. These are the ongoing quirks that make us who we are. But let’s not side step those other habits – you know the one’s I’m talking about. Socks on the floor much? Credit card trigger happy anyone? Splurging a little more than you should on things like nail polish or craft beer? What would happen, if instead, you invested that cash. Even better – what if you didn’t even have to think about it. Poof! Just like that you’ve put away and grown your money enough to finally take that Bali trip.

Here’s how

When you select a share to invest in, you’ll now have the option to set this as a recurring investment, which means as a direct debit order from your bank account, or as a deduction from your EasyEquities available funds. It’s nice to have options neh? Here’s some more.

You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like the debit amount to be inclusive or exclusive of transaction fees. So if you want to keep your monthly amount as a nice easy rounded number, say R500, you can do this by making it inclusive of your fees.

You’ll also be able to choose whether you’d like this amount to come out of your account monthly, quarterly or annually.


Easy peasy

If you set up your recurring investment within 3 business days of the date you want it to go off, the first investment will only be made the following month, quarter or year, depending on your selection. Yep, just like that.

There’s even a recurring investments page under your accounts overview where you can add and set up new recurring investments. Including for baskets! That’s like… compound easiness – no stressing about what shares to buy or how much to spend, or finding the time to do it. Deposit, trade, repeat!

Set up a recurring investment

Here's a quick vid to help you get sorted: