You can't buy a sweet with 67 cents: Eric Moyo


This is Eric. We met him a few months ago but he’s been an Easy youser for two years now. Eric is 22 and fresh out of varsity where he completed a BCOM. He’s originally from Zim, but is now proud to call Jozi his home.

At the time of interview, Eric had just completed his final year studies in BCOM economics.   

For Eric and his family, living pay-cheque to pay-cheque was the norm (as it is for a lot of South Africans, who are traditionally pretty bad at saving) as a loaf of bread from the shop wasn't guaranteed. The need to realise a better future pushed the whole family through grind.

Ultimately Eric and his family would make it out of that rut, with Eric obtaining scholarships and bursaries to put him through school. Still, Eric is not the type to be satisfied with surviving day-to-day.

Eric is a fan of Exchange Traded Funds, as well as share diversification
However he has a liking to the resources and mining sector, with this industry playing a key role in his diverse portfolio between equities and ETFs.

"Investing is long-term" Eric reminds us, when talking about the risk factor in volatile industries. 
Mitigating this risk through diversification is a key lesson that Eric learned himself; with risk becoming a friend and a key element in his portfolio.

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