TFS-yay! Easy wins at the Top Stockbroker Awards 2017

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For the third year in a row EasyEquities has taken home the #1 spot in the Intellidex / Financial Mail / Investors Monthly Top Stockbroker awards for Best Tax Free Savings Account provider.

Here’s 3 reasons why we are beyond stoked about the win:

  • TFSA’s are the future. Literally. They are the perfect starting block for young investors and we’re proud to be a part of that movement. “For people under 35, opening a Tax Free Savings Account is an absolute no brainer. Investing in a TFSA happens after you’ve been taxed on your salary. As a young earner you have two things working in your favour: a lower tax rate due to a lower income bracket and lots of time,” says our CEO Charles Savage. Read more of his TFSA pearls of wisdom right here.
  • What you think, counts. The most. The Top Stockbroker Awards are based on your feedback and the collective opinions of thousands of South Africans, so knowing what it is that you like or don’t like about what we are doing is really valuable to us. In the latest issue of Investors Monthly, you'll be able to read about the survey results and feedback which includes some interesting points for us to consider and some nice mentions about how EasyEquities is bringing loads of value to young savers and new investors.
  • The survey, which the awards are based on, has serious cred. Top Stockbroker Awards has been around for seven years and has established itself as the leading assessment of the industry. It is conducted by Intellidex, a specialist financial research house.

Awards rock. Who doesn’t want a little MORE tinsel on their mantelpiece? But without getting to cheesy about it, the real reward is knowing we’re bringing even MORE to Easy yousers and allowing them to be brave enough to succeed on this journey with us.