Access your EasyEquities account on the Capitec app


After months of eager Tweets and supercharged excitement we’re dropping the mic:

It’s here.

You can now access your EasyEquities account via the Capitec Banking app. And if you bank with Capitec but are not part of the EasyEquities revolution yet – this is your moment. Making use of the widget (that’s how you’ll access EasyEquities from the app) is convenient, easy and earns you a 20% discount on the (already low) commission charged on the investments you make.

Capitec is an innovation heavyweight and a proudly South African bank. Like us, they’ve been striving to provide their customers with greater and more affordable access to financial services. Partnering with them to open the world of investing up to even more South Africans, is pretty awesome.

What’s it like?

All of the core functionality you need is available including access to your ZAR, TFSA, USD and Demo accounts. You can invest, place buy or sell instructions and easily do inter-account transfers from your ZAR into your TFSA or USD accounts.

How does funding my account work using the widget?

Funding your EasyEquities account directly from the app is done with a few taps. No manual loading or selecting beneficiaries – it's all right there. And your EasyEquities account number is programmatically loaded into the payment process, so the days of accidentally using the wrong beneficiary reference, causing delays with your deposits, are officially over.

Waiting for the funds to appear in your account can still take up to 48 hours unless you make use of the Instant Buy and Instant Transfer functionality. 

How do I get it?

If you have the Capitec app already, make sure you have the latest version. Visit the App Store or Play Store and give that Update button a tap.

Once you have the latest version of the app, log in and navigate to where it says ‘Explore’, then select ‘Live Better’. You’ll then select EasyEquities and go through the process of either linking your existing EasyEquities account or creating a new one. More on that here, if you need it.

Got more questions?

Check out our Capitec Widget FAQs section in our help center. We’ve covered a bunch of topics on the widget which you can go through here.