Aspirations for financial freedom with Lungelo


One is good, but more than one is great

If you are determined and focused on achieving financial freedom and long term wealth, you may want to start working on multiple sources of income.

Lungelo Magwaza, a 28-year-old based in Sandton, Johannesburg and the EasyProperties INVSTR who walked away with a Londolozi Bush Holiday prize is big on this idea. Lungelo is also a developer and IT engineer as well as an aspiring serial/social entrepreneur.

He started his investing journey encouraged by only two things, the goal of 'financial freedom' and 'long-term wealth'

Property investment, according to Lungelo, stands out as “the broader diversity and diversification in growing and expanding your long-term property portfolio or any other long-term wealth creation and diversified portfolio,” but he’s also got a keen interest in blockchain and crypto investing.

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What are some of the things to look at when investing in property? Location, Location, Location, Lungelo would emphasize as the most important aspect to look at; followed by “Return on investment from Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Both Market And Capital Appreciation Growth.

As a property investor, one should consider the Potential Neighbourhood Growth, he explained. Lungelo stands by being diversified as one of his investment principles and is invested in cryptocurrency, local and international stocks too.

Some of these companies include:

International Stocks

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Local Stocks and Crypto

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As an investor to share his words of wisdom, Lungelo said:

“You are never too old or late to invest towards your goals, dreams, future, and importantly yourself. It doesn’t really matter when, how much and when you start investing. Start now.”

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“Always believe in yourself and never give up on yourself”, he added.


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