Book Review: How to invest like Warren Buffett


It goes without saying that if you want to be successful in something, you will have to do what the successful have done. Let’s say for arguments sake that your goal is to dominate in a particular sport, you would have to follow the blueprints of the likes of Sarina Williams, Michael Jordan, Cristian Ronaldo, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps in their respective sport. In the cut throat sport of investing, there is one individual that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Commonly known as the Oracle of Omaha, the champion in the investment sphere is no other than Warren Buffett.How to Invest like Warren Buffett.jpg

I have to give credit to author Alec Hogg for his courage in giving the book this title. It is a very simple title, but it carries high expectations. If you have any interest in investing whatsoever, this book is hard to ignore and will have you longing for a glimpse of the context within the covers.

The author and founder of does a great job unpacking the praised investor. However, personally the main thing that made it hard for me to put down the book was how he was able to make me feel like he had brought me along as his plus one to the Berkshire Hathaway AGMs. Before this particular book, books on Warren Buffett were monotonous, long, fact-based, history lessons. Honestly, you would have a better thrill watching grass grow. Alec gives the title justice by providing very useful views, tips and strategies that have caused me to review my own investment strategies.

The 168 pager is ideal for your where do I start? investor and it is equally relevant to the fund manager having a hard time trying to make sense of what has been happening with the markets as of late.

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