Rather give the gift that keeps growing this festive season

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Ah December. Can you smell that sweet summer holiday? Whether your plans are the sand-between-toes type or you’re getting ready to slide into a long overdue staycation, this time of year is all about exhaling, unwinding, reconnecting and recharging. Except that quite often our Mai Thai me-time plans are interrupted by mall queues and the general madness that comes with this quick comma before January.

There is of course a much easier way to spoil the special people in your life, without cutting into your chill time. See where we’re going with this?

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This December any lucky guy or gal who you send an EasyEquities voucher to via our website will receive an email in the New Year with a video from this crazy team welcoming them to the platform and talking them through some of the basics to get them started.

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Visit our vouchers page to send a voucher to your friends and family this festive season!