Running and investing have more in common than you think

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Feige Lewin is new to investing, but has comfortably worn in her shoes as a runner. This EasyEquities Born 2 Run Athletics Club Ladies Captain has completed 11 standard marathons and 9 ultra marathons including Comrades 3 times. Feige shares her thoughts on how investing and running aren't all that different and how, like investing, the sport has the ability to transform lives...   

Step 1: Make the commitment
Step 2: Start small
Step 3: Read & learn to help you grow
Step 4: Partner up with an expert
Step 5: Weather the storms, stay the course
Step 6: Reap the rewards

Am I talking about investing or am I talking about running?

A few weeks ago EasyEquities was announced as the title sponsor of Born 2 Run athletics club. One might question what investing has to do with running but the truth is they’re quite similar.

When you join EasyEquities you are making a decision to invest in a healthy financial future. It might be scary at first. You know nothing about investing, what shares should you pick? What if what your pick takes a dive? What if you do the wrong thing? But, if you commit yourself to making investing a priority and sticking through the ups and the downs and all the challenges, in a few years from now you won’t be looking back.

When I started running 7 years ago I knew nothing about it and I was out of shape but I made the decision that I wanted a healthy future. It was hard at first and I couldn’t go far but every time I set out I did a little bit more. With perseverance I weathered through the ups and downs and built up to my first 5km, then 10km, then half marathon, then full marathon and before I knew it I was running Comrades. I made an investment in myself and now it’s paying dividends. It not only gave me the fit body and healthy life I wanted, but it also inspired my business which is all about helping South African’s live a healthier life.

So back to my 5 step plan… I was talking about both.

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