Crushing the Stock Market with the EasyCommunity #MCM

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Over the last couple of years (three almost) we've slowly been breaking the velvet barrier on exclusivity when it comes to investing. It used to be that investing was discussed between the pros, kitted out in suits with greyed or slick hair, and even matching socks. In the year since I've become an 'Investor' I have realised that the investor doesn't necessarily own a tie, nor wear matching socks all week. Most importantly, the Investor tweets. And tweets, and tweets, because, we're bored of old conventions. I do wish there was more Facebook commenting though!

We have had a couple engagement initiatives running since the start of the year, namely  under two campaigns:

PlayInTheUSA, and #MCM (Market Crush Mondays). 

Market Crush Mondays allows our yousers to share their company and investment picks for the week, which is insightful because people not only want to share their investment ideas, we want to connect with others beginning their own journeys just like myself. 

I shared my first investment idea about Discovery, excited about the plans and strides the company is making domestically and internationally. It was such a relief to see someone else was as excited about the potential Discovery had in their hands. While I love to hear what the pros have to say about the markets, and I do hang on every post Mark Ingham puts out: I also want to know what the rest of the EasyCommunity is up to. I want to know just how other yousers within the community are making their TFSA pop, and how Easy fits into their bigger financial picture.

Getting our ideas across and having people see why we make the choices we make is awesome. Plain and simple. Even more so, this community is breaking the convention of investment dialogues being typically seen as an exclusively Older-Male dominated conversation/space.  

The Investor looks female, young and black, and is all about her financial independence.
The Investor is a surfer bloke from the East London who likes House & EDM music, sporting a bitchin’ beard.
The Investor is also a pensioner with a keen taste for specific brands, looking to plump up that TFSA for their grandkids.

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Lastly, the Investor is reading this on their device, PC or tablet.

They may be at their desk where they should be working/at a boring weekly meeting. Or at home, chilling.   
Still, the Investor is engaged, eager to take it to the Man and the markets. Simply put, there is no uniform to the new Investor, nor is there a formula to what they may invest in.

So, own the markets, crush the markets; do whatever you like with them.

Just get involved.

If you'd still love to take part in the weekly #MCM dialogue, let us know!
Tweet us using the #MCM tag, comment below, or simply write to us on Facebook.  


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