Your different investment accounts


Explore the world of investing

There are different ways to invest, and it’s not only just limited to South African shares in your ZAR Account.

Take advantage of the different accounts available.

Activation is done at no costs
All you have to do to access the different accounts available to you on EasyEquities is follow these three easy steps:

1 - Login to your account, navigate to Account Management.
2 - This setting is located under the menu bar.
3 - Choose to activate new accounts.

From here on you can choose which account you’d like to invest in, at no minimum.

Not all accounts may available for everyone; this is die to law barriers from different jurisdictions that may not allow you to invest in specific markets.

What are the different accounts?

South African Market (ZAR)

Local is lekker! 
If you love local markets, then your ZAR offers you locally listed companies on the JSE
You can click here to see how to fund your ZAR account.

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
Take advantage of the tax-free benefit introduced by the government to encourage more people to start investing in collective investments such as Unit Trusts, Baskets, Bundles and ETFs. With a Tax-free account, you can enjoy investing up to R36 000 annually, tax-free. 

You can click here to see how to fund your TFSA account.

Retirement Annuity (RA)
Are you investing for your retirement?
With a Retirement annuity, you can invest in managed investment bundles or Unit Trusts and only withdraw once you reach your retirement age.
You can click here to see how to fund your RA account.

Want to take your investment portfolio offshore? 🛫

American market (USD)
Investing the American way in your USD account.
With a variety of American companies like Apple and Tesla, the USD offers a variety of shares and investment vehicles like ETFs and ETNs.
You can click here to see how to fund your USD account

Australian market (AUD)
In the AUD account, investors are exposed to companies and ETFs listed on the Australian stock exchange. You can click here to see how to fund your AUD account.