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Easy Does It podcast - EasyEquities

We're recapping the latest episodes from our brand new podcast.

In partnership with Youth Money Circle, and hosted by Tshepo ‘DJ @ Large’ Kgapane, the weekly podcast will features a wide range of guests. From INVSTRs, to market watchers, money coaches, and the folks behind the EasyEquities platform, we're curating content to help folks get started on their own Easy journeys.

Episode 1: Investing 101 

Featuring podcaster, investor, and columnist Simon Brown, the legend in the investment space offers valuable insights about his experiences in investing and the stock markets. We highlight the value in ‘just getting started.’ Check it out:


Episode 2: Easy Vibes with Easy's CEOs

What do Gil Marcus, the former South African Reserve Bank governor, and Kim Kardashian have in common? Our CEOs give them both props in this episode. Check out the second Easy Does It episode featuring the dynamic duo of EasyEquities CEO, Charles Savage, and EasyProperties CEO, Rupert Finnemore. 


Episode 3: Stock Picks Made Easy 

Our Head of Research at EasyEquities joined DJ @ Large for this episode to talk about how to pick the right type of shares and instruments for new INVSTRs. From showing exchange traded funds some love, to giving us tips on how to evaluate companies and their stocks, make sure to give the podcast a listen:


Episode 4: Money Personalities 

Easy Does It hosted money coach Darlington Chuita for a down to earth chat about the different types of money personalities. From the penny pinchers to the ballers with a spending plan, give the chat a listen to see if you fit any of these archetypes. 


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The aim of the series is to demystify the world of finance and investing, as well as to give the new investor confidence in their own journey. Catch this season's recap right here!

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