EasyEquities and Charles Savage for SASAwards 2018

SASAwards 2018

EasyEquities is up for a bunch of awards at the inaugural Southern Africa Startup Awards. As indicated in the name, these awards celebrate the growing startup culture in the region, along with the founders and entrepreneurs who are contributing to this environment. 

Purple Group CEO and EasyEquities founder, Charles Savage, is up for nomination in the 'Founder of the Year' category, representing South Africa in what is a strong category that he is proud to be part of. If you have ever had a chat with Charles, you will know that his mission is to democratise share ownership, not only in South Africa. 

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Charles isn't the only one who gets the shine at SASAwards though!
EasyEquities is up for a couple awards as well, with nominations in the 'Best FinTech Startup' category, as well as for the 'Startup of the Year' category. We are stoked to be considered among the best of the best in the startup ecosystem in SADC! 

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Votes are not limited to one category, so you can show your love for us as many times as you like! 

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*Voting closes on 30 September 2018