EasyEquities for Epilepsy SA

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From 14 September until 4 October we’re turning our Donate for Good attention to support a cause which “promotes human rights and an inclusive society for persons with disabilities, primarily persons with epilepsy.”

What is Epilepsy SA all about?

Epilepsy SA is a non-profit organisation that aims to support those suffering from epilepsy, as well as educate everyone about this disability, which affects one in every 100 South Africans. The organisation also provides opportunities in economic empowerment through skills training as well as job creation.

Going through the website and finding comprehensive material on epilepsy emphasises just how serious they are about their mission and being a source of help. From advertising vacancies and bursaries, to sharing helpful material on managing epilepsy, the organisation manages to cover quite a lot of ground in their mission to educate and support.

There’s even a first aid guide in eight of SA’s languages, which are goals we aspire to ourselves.

How to donate directly from the platform

For the next three weeks, we’ll be giving all the proceeds you’ve donated via our Donate For Good feature to the Mpumalanga branch of Epilepsy SA – one of seven branches in the country.

To contribute to this initiative, you can donate to Epilepsy SA via the transaction confirmation page on the EasyEquities platform. For more info on Donate For Good and how it works, check out this FAQ or hit the button below.

How to Donate For Good on Easy