FinMeUp Baskets now available on our platform.

We are excited to announce that our FinMeUp friends have launched their Baskets on our platform!

FinMeUp is a financial education platform, and just like us, they believe that investing is easy and that anyone can learn how to invest. #BeYourOwnBoss is a motto that co-founder and talented South African musician, Higgo Biljon stands firmly and lives by. FinMeUp has launched 5 baskets on our platform which you can now invest in – 3 local baskets and 2 offshore baskets.

The Baskets

South African Baskets

  • Home Run Picks Basket
  • Table Mountain Basket
  • Small Cap Picks Basket

USD Baskets

  • High Growth Seeds Baskets
  • Statue of Liberty Basket

Click here to get some insights about each of these baskets, explained by the co-founder himself. Here are three Fun facts about Higgo Biljon:

  • He climbed Mount Everest BC at the age of 14.
  • He has released 3 music albums and has trended on many of the popular SA radio stations.
  • He lives, breathes and speaks FinTech and EduTech

Welcome on board FinMeUp!

Happy investing!