InvestSure follows investors to the USA!


Great news for EasyEquities clients investing in the US stock market, you can now insure your US shares!

InvestSure is proud to make investment fraud insurance available on the most popular US shares, following our successful launch to JSE investors. Thousands of EasyEquities investors have made use of InvestSure’s safety net protecting their wealth from the type of sudden, severe and unexpected losses that can be caused by credible allegation of wrongdoing by management.

We’ve been tracking the US market for a while now and have recently seen huge fraud allegation related losses on a number of listed stocks including Nikola, Kodak and Luckin Coffee.

They say money never sleeps, but the time difference between Joburg and the New York can mean that important news breaks in the US while South Africans are enjoying their downtime or sleeping. When investing from South Africa into the US an investor can be quite far removed making staying as close to the news more challenging. With InvestSure you can #SleepEasy knowing you are covered against the unpredictable risk of investment losses caused by allegations for fraud!

What is InvestSure?

InvestSure is an insurance product that investors can purchase which protects them from any losses in a company's share price, caused by allegations of management fraud/dishonesty. Importantly, the fraud does not need to be proven for you to recover your losses.

When there are news of possible fraud in a company you have covered, coupled with a 10% drop in the share price within 2 days of that news, the cover is triggered. You then have 30 days to make an assessment and, if you decide to sell your shares, immediately get paid a claim. No paperwork required and management does not have to be convicted before you can claim – you just need to suffer a loss from this type of event and you will be covered!

How InvestSure Works

How can I purchase insurance for my shares?

There are two easy ways to insure your investments. 

For existing shares: you can insure any shareholdings where you see an umbrella icon by clicking on the selected shares (to see the expanded view), clicking on the "Review Insurance" button, and then on "Add Insurance".

Alternatively, for new investments: you can insure your shares at the time of purchase by simply clicking on the "Add Insurance" button and accepting the T&C before completing the transaction.

InvestSure - How to insure

Even if you trust management of a company, you should always have a safety net against possible severe losses. InvestSure provides this for EasyEquities clients.

Happy and safe investing.

Did you know - how InvestSure works