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The best performing investors are the investors that can 'predict' the future the best.

Nobody knows how the future will look or how it will change, but it is essential to do research and have your own educated guess on where we are heading, and then invest accordingly with a well-diversified portfolio. A vision of the future is key to success for investors.

My best investment ever was when I invested in Nvidia in April 2016. The share price was then $36, today it is trading at $378 (950% return in 4 years).

The reason why I invested in Nvidia back then was that I knew Nvidia’s products will be in high demand over the coming years (artificial intelligence and graphic processing units used for gaming, professional visualization, and cryptocurrency mining).

Sometimes we guess the future wrong and make bad investment as well. Personally I was highly invested in Steinhoff a few years back and look what happened.

We all make mistakes, but that’s how we learn. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but as long as you are winning more than you are losing, you wealth will grow.

 So my personal predictions for the next 5-10 years are:

  • Tesla will dominate the vehicle industry.
    Electric autonomous (self-driving) vehicles will become the norm in 1st world countries.
  • Tesla will dominate the taxi industry (autonomous taxi’s)
  • FAANG’s will still be the largest and the most dominating companies.
    I expect two other unknown names to join them, maybe Tesla.
  • Gene sequencing will be really big, especially with the treatment of cancer.
    I expect some massive breakthroughs in this regard. I believe Illumina will be the dominating company in this industry.
  • Digital and decentralized banks will steal a large market share from the current banking sector as we know it. I choose Square Inc as the winner for this prediction. Especially as they are heavily invested in cryptocurrencies which is a decentralized currency.
  • Companies that monetize 5G will be the market darlings and best performing shares of the decade.
    Netflix and Facebook monetized 4G in the previous decade and outperformed the market by miles.
  • Solar roofs will be the norm in all countries, especially first world countries.
  • US & China will still dominate the global economy.
  • Education will be revolutionized by new online learning methods.
    The pandemic definitely accelerated that movement. That is why FinMeUp will be launching FinMeUni this year, probably in September. You can read more and sign up for free for early access benefits on our website:
  • Virtual reality will be a household norm and the “new iPhone” of this decade.
    My prediction is that either Facebook or Apple will win this battle.
  • The amount of cryptocurrency transactions will grow 5x if not more.
    There will probably be some competition for Bitcoin.

My team and I believe that there are many more companies that will dominate industries and outperform the market. We are invested in those industries and companies. To view the companies that we like and the companies that we are buying and selling as times goes on, you can download the FinMeUp app on the App Store and Google Play and view our stock picks which are one of the features on the FinMeUp app.

Always keep in mind that you should not just follow someone else’s opinions, research and  predictions, but always do your own. Everybody actually knows so little if you look at the big picture. The best we as individuals can do is to learn every single day.

I love Tesla - Higgo van Biljon

Higgo van Biljon
Easy user, Founder & CEO FinMeUp

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