Hot off the press: FY2021 Purple Group Results


Our holding company, Purple Group, has just released its financial results.   

There's some really interesting stuff in there for shareholders, and investors in our community, which we can all be proud of. Despite Covid and many of the challenges South Africans have faced over the last year, our EasyEquities community has grown by 129% - it's more than a number. It's a movement! We got here together with you, our community, and our incredible like-minded partners. We all share the same vision: empower all South Africans to invest and take charge of their financial future.  

"Over recent years, our theme was one of building a strong foundation and delivering, daily, on our promise of making investment easy for everyone to all. At the start of that singular purpose, we had many detractors who believed that retail investors were not smart enough, were too few and ultimately that the business model would not succeed. That was then. Covid and the ensuing challenges that this global pandemic and tragedy brought, challenged all of us. These financial results show that, thanks to our solid foundation, those challenges were met and a positive tipping point has been reached in many of our metrics." 

You can read more about our journey, including how INVSTRs are growing their portfolios with other asset classes like property (own your own piece of Cape Town's Atlantic Seaboard, Four on O) and crypto, and the contribution you've made to our success thus far, here:

View Purple Group Results

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