🎙 Listen: How to Pick Shares to Invest in


At Easy HQ we tend to get so many questions about investing, but the most popular question from folks that are itching to start is always this: ‘What stocks should I buy?’

Well, we’ve got help and his name is Barry Dumas. Barry, also known as ‘The Beef’, is the Senior Research Analyst at EasyEquities and he joined our Easy Does It podcast to give our community tips and tricks in finding stocks.

Give the episode a spin to gain perspective on identifying opportunities, understanding the value in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for beginners, how fundamental and technical analyses work, and a lot more. No seriously, there are so many gems in this conversation to take away.

Barry also shares the different online tools at your disposal, as well as touching on the more technical values to look for in a company’s financial statement to use as a lens to determine value stocks.

You can also listen through till the end of the episode to hear Barry’s own personal stock picks.



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