🎙 Listen: Investing 101 with Simon Brown


EasyEquities launched a podcast in April 2021 with its first ever episode turning out to be a classic for multitude of reasons, one of which is that it’s an investing 101 masterclass.

The legendary Simon Brown, the founder of Just One Lap, joined our host to break down investing in stocks. We spent the episode touching on topics every new investor could use to start on their own journey in investing:

From the evolution of the markets as a retail investor to highlighting the most important terms a new INVSTR would need, the importance of diversification, as well as establishing what being a shareholder means. We also debunk a few misconceptions about investing!

All of these subtopics come together to introduce investing through a rich, illuminating, and engaging chat with a maverick in the industry.


If this conversation doesn’t get you hyped about investing, then we do now know what to tell you. But for those that are looking to follow Simon’s advice to ‘Just start’ then hit the button below to join the EasyVSTR revolution.


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