Introducing the Cristal Challenge



The Cristal Challenge got its name from the opulently packaged Cristal Champagne – a Champagne that has become synonymous with luxury. It's name-dropped in the songs of countless global and local artists from Costa Titch to AKA to Da LES, and bottles of the precious champopo can even soar to the heights of nearly R270 000 a pop.


Introducing the Cristal Challenge.

Started by stockbroker, cartoonist, road runner, doting grandfather and follower of Arsenal David Shapiro in 2021, the challenge hosts retail investors from all over South Africa. This includes some of my favourite EasyVSTRs: Betsie Schaap and Esther Mukumbo. A huge shoutout to David Shapiro for starting this challenge.

Betsie takes the challenge by storm.

One of my fave EasyVSTRs, Betsie Schaap, won the 2021 Cristal Challenge in her first year of entering, showing her retail investing skills. She is still going for gold in this year's challenge, currently at number 3 with a percentage gain of 27.97% year to date.

Cristal Challenge Growing In Numbers. 

The Cristal Challenge keeps growing in numbers. From 10 players in 2021 to 77 players in 2022.

Check out the leader board here.

Check out the participant's results here.

It's a family affair. 

The Cristal Challenge continues to be one of the most spoken-about investment challenges at EasyHQ. With over 21 participants in this year’s challenge adding Purple Group to 1 of their 5 individual stock choices, it's no surprise that the Cristal Challenge is being echoed in the EasyHQ corridors.

Contributing to the prizes, Team Easy is sponsoring 2 EasyEquities vouchers worth a whopping R10 000 each, as well as an annual Financial Mail subscription to all participants.

Congratulations to all the investors participating in the Cristal Challenge; we hope to see you replicating all your profits on your EasyEquities account ;).

Even though entries are closed for 2022, you can always join the investment wave by opening an EasyEquities account.

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