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Who knew that investing in Africa, the second largest continent on the planet, could be this #Easy. Cloud Atlas brought their Exchange Traded Fund  (ETF)  to the JSE in April 2017. The aim of this ETF is to provide access to the continents biggest companies and sectors to South Africans. 

The portfolio is clasified as world wide-equity and has returned a whopping 22.97% returns since inception. I met with Maurice Madiba, CEO of Cloud Atlas Investing and immediately, I was captivated by his story and decided to buy my own share of Africa. With access to listed companies in Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius and many other countries on this beautiful continent, why would you not invest in Africa? 

"With a long documented history of Africa and the surrounding islands, it is immediately obvious to see that the world has always held a curious fascination with the vast amount of wealth in Africa.

We invest in the stock markets in Africa, as they give investors the quickest and most reliable way of participating in the growth of this diversely rich continent, by owning some of the best performing companies through the AMI series ETFs," Maurice Madiba.

We are hosting a webinar on 21 November 2017 and would love for you to get to know Maurice, the Cloud Atlas ETF and many more insights to the listed companies on our African continent! 

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